Terms and Conditions


*To become a Brackson Approved Tradesman, Quality checks will be conducted on your works or if not possible, reference checks will be conducted.

As part of the Brackson Approved tradesman community, we will send you leads, follow up with your clients to ensure they have been serviced to the expectations of Brackson and ensure that quotes delivered are of a professional nature and the service has been delivered to expectations or above.

We will follow up during the working process to ensure the client is being communicated with and to ensure they have received the service to expectations of the brand of Brackson.

Our Business is to ensure that only Quality tradesman can have the honour of being called “Brackson approved”

Any Business using the name of Brackson must be approved and still be on our registration of approved providers, in addition, Tradesman can only use the ‘Brackson approved tradesman’ component to Brackson Generated Leads. every lead is registered though our database prior to being sent to you

Use of or any implication relating to Brackson approved without authority will result in legal action

Our client is advised of who we recommend for the job, their Brackson approved Registration number, your contact details are passed onto them and their details are passed onto you, we advise the clients that we operate on a 2/3/3 system

This includes,

Our trades will contact them or visit site (if needed) 2 business days to develop the quote,

Within 3 days following, they will have the quote, within 3 days following the quote, you will follow up on the quote to discuss success, budget restraints or modification to the scope if needed.

Brackson will conduct checks to this system to ensure our clients are being serviced accordingly.

Any change to this system can be done but we must know at the forefront to ensure what we communicate is fact.

The Brackson Icon

If you have been awarded a Brackson Icon, this can be used in your social Media platform and general media unless the approval is revoked,

This icon symbolises that you have worked with Brackson and your quality is to standard or above

If we receive notice of a client dissatisfaction, and after we inquire to the complaint, we reserve the right to withdraw this approval and all media and promotional elements must be removed within 48 hrs of formal notice being received.

No fee is associated with the use of the icon and is an awarded feature, fees only apply to Brackson Generated leads, as per below.

Our fees

We get paid, when you get paid.

As part of our register of quotes, we follow up with everyone to ensure the client is happy, ask for recommendations to be formalised if they have received a great service and we then publish these recommendations through our social media platform, further promoting your Business.

All that we ask is for a commission on your successful leads.

This is as follows- (Job value relates to pre-GST value)

10% of value on jobs up to $1000

7.5% of value on jobs from $1000 to $20,000

5% of value more than $20,000

We invoice on confirmation of completion and have 7-day payment terms for our new trades,

*30 day accounts to approved contractors only

If we have a client that is delaying payment, let us know and we will consider our position on a case by case scenario (commercial clients etc), it is of our interest not to cause any financial pressure in the name of providing great service.



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